Falling in Love Though Words

A story can make you fall in love.

After all, isn’t that how Desdemona fell in love with Othello? In a lot of ways, Desdemona fell in love with Othello’s words.

Immediately upon reading this scene, I thought of love letters. Sent back and forth between receiver and sender, these letters form an intimate, un-physical relationship. There’s something innocent and pure from falling in love with a person’s words rather than their appearance. Desdemona disregarded the fact that Othello was a dark-skinned man, something her Italian heritage frowned upon, and fell in love with his words and stories rather than his physical appearance. 


It goes to show that you cannot fall in love based on looks alone. What’s really beautiful about a person if you cannot connect with them? If you can’t even have a real conversation with them? If you can’t even write them a ten-page letter telling them your thoughts and feelings?


There has always been a soft spot in my heart when I receive handwritten letters. They show me that whoever sent it cared enough about me to take time out of their day to put their thoughts down for me to share with them.

It also helps that I’m a complete sucker getting mail.

Isn’t a hand-written letter or a story told just for you enough to make you smile?

One thought on “Falling in Love Though Words

  1. I love words. Or the way words can fit together. I love all the ways the same story could be told a million different ways because of the words chosen. So I agree when you say a story can make you fall in love because, in my opinion, it really can. But I think it’s actually kind of strange how some words will connect with you while others don’t. The words we use define us, define our friendships, the people we connect with, our attitudes about life. I think words connect us to others because we’re like puzzle pieces trying to find the pieces that attach to us; words shape us so we fit with the other pieces.

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