Singles’ Awareness Day

Nothing hits the single relationship status harder than Valentine’s Day and the cute pictures of couples going on their dates (except maybe formal pictures together, those are pretty cute too). To be honest, being single doesn’t bother me too much anymore, and it’s actually kind of a fun day to just be with your friends. Who needs a significant other when you have best friends, right?
Even though I’m feeling a lot more independent this year, Valentine’s Day kind of hit me across the face and caught me by surprise. I was eating dinner with my girls on Sunday, when I asked them what we were doing this Friday (since we’ve made it a routine to always just be together and hang out on Fridays after we volunteer).

Me: Hey, so what do you wanna do this Friday?

Lindsay: Christine…

Me: What?

Lindsay: I have a date…

Me: What? Why? Wait… It’s Valentine’s Day, isn’t it…

Yeah, that was awkward.

But what will I be doing on Singles’ Awareness Day/Valentine’s Day? Spending it with one of my friend’s so I can help her move a few of her last things to her new house! I’m actually pretty pumped up about it because it’s one of those things that you always see in movies, but never really get the opportunity to actually do (mostly because everyone who lives where we live stays pretty much set forever and ever).


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