The Facebook Update

-Insert mini-rant here-

Truthfully, honestly, everyone hates those people who post all their college acceptances online. I mean, don’t get my wrong, Facebook is a great way to keep track of your friends and update them with your life, but I feel that all of February and March on Facebook is a bragfest. I know so many people who post all the schools they’ve been accepted to, without any real inclination of going there, but just posting it for posting’s sake. I mean, what is the point of it?

Maybe I’m just being a little overly sensitive, but come on! Why do people feel the need to brag and show every single acceptance letter they get. What’s funnier is that they don’t show the rejection letters they receive; they only want to show off the positive aspects of themselves. Of course, this is human nature and it can’t be helped, but it’s still unsettling and makes me so angry sometimes!



I think the saddest thing about posting your acceptances on Facebook is that the people who are friends with you feel inadequate next to your acceptance, especially when a school that you considered a safety was their dream school. I completely understand that college admissions is a complicated, sometimes even a shot in the dark, process, but nonetheless, it presents this feeling of inadequacy and that people aren’t good enough.

By no means am I saying that sharing your success to the world is a bad thing; you should be proud that your hard work paid off, but I think some people take it too far and instead of showing the world their success and what they’re truly proud of, they are boasting and bragging about their supremacy above others.

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