Don’t Let Me Stop You

Suggestions for our well-being–we all know what we should and what we shouldn’t do, and other people know what we should and shouldn’t do, but when we hear what is better for us from other people, I think it’s a knee-jerk reaction to do the exact opposite. It’s the whole theory of reverse-psychology in a nutshell.

While I do understand how frustrating it is to follow through with what you may be told to do, I also understand that there are certain limits that you have to consider when you make your decision and not make it purely out of spite. In my own life right now, I’m deciding which school I am going to sign my Statement of Intent to Register with, and while I have gotten into a few truly amazing schools, only one of them is out of state.

My parents have said time and time again how they would have loved for me to go to UCLA and live with my sister, or even better, go to UCI and stay at home with them, but I think if anything, it’s pushing me away (I also didn’t get into UCLA, but let’s stay in the positive, shall we?). Don’t get me wrong; I love, love, love my parents and even though sometimes they can be a bit overbearing (aren’t they all?), I know they mean well. None of my siblings have ever gone out-of-state for school before, except for the month that my sister decided to study abroad in Germany, so having me leaving the nest is going to leave it barer than usual.

yes macalester

Ever since I’ve gotten my acceptance letter to Macalester, my parents have been completely supportive, especially because I’ve dropped my moody demeanor and have had a smile plastered on my face for the entire week and a half that I’ve known. My mom even got me this huge double-layered furry blanket to bring to Minnesota once I move into my dorm in August. My parents are even letting me travel on my own to Minnesota this spring break to tour the school, an option that was never allowed before because they claimed I was too young, or too unprepared. I love how supportive they’re being–how truly they must love because they’re supporting what I want even if it’s so far from what they want.



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